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Monday, April 4, 2016

house of stone

when young, eyes had yet to see
a heart yet to feel his own love
the world of flowers and midnight stars,
a moon that smiles, a sun that wakes him
to warm his day, all in naïveté

life comes and his path now chosen,
has swam in a river and in depths of an ocean,
his body is now touched by gentleness,
a heart made flutter from a kiss
and a warm embrace

these eyes now have peered into a soul
of another who gives selflessly,
who smells like Nature’s spring,
hair that flows like the river he has swum,
a smile wider than the moon,
warmer than the sun

a heart that’s been pierced by love
where naiveté once lived, now far away
but still where pansies and daisies dance and
the lamb and deer walk together caring less
of what others think and life and love
share with them the same pathway

many nights of moons and stars,
days of suns and rains, some storms,
Springs and Winters have come and gone,
they’ve held each other tight through
pains and loss for these are the
building stones of their home