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Friday, April 1, 2016

forest from the trees

my wanderings have gone from wonderment
to befuddlement
my eyes never closed, just entered into a forest
of a disconcerting maze

when once my eyes saw the ocean blue and
the sky kiss its cheek
and the dove and the seagull dance in and out
of cotton bonnets

saw humpbacks chased by dolphins flying o’er the sea
in a glee-filled spree
smiled as the wolf howled roaming hunting in sprigs and leaves
amidst grand old Sequoia trees 

and the eagles soar as the salmon spawn
the bears wade to catch their own
birds perched on happy trees that escaped
the denuding blade

my tears feel sadness hearing their screams
my heart holds their pain
those beings standing with uncaring hearts and cold empty
eyes as they hold that sawing blade

so i wander into this tattooed maze hoping to capture 
but a moment of wonder in the eyes of my own species
and maybe, just maybe they’ll see the beauty in the
forest of life, the tree