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Friday, March 25, 2016

empath and the caring

whispers among the empath and the caring
hear the cries of suffering, voices of the hungry,
the sick, the lonely, the dying as wailing rises
from those that love them

the hand reaches out but the pain remains
the universe says…too little too late
the heart of the empath and the caring  
swells from tears withheld

the whispering continues…what can we do
and a grand old tree leans down with a leaf
to wipe their tears and with the help
of the wind says…the air i breathe, the water i drink,
my friends on my branches, at my feet, let them fly,
let them play again without fear

so the empath and the caring write a song
raise their voices, no longer whispering, to praise
the secrets of the tree, ask for more to join them
for there is still time, for the universe is kind

she will accompany the lonely, feed the hungry,
look after the sick if all join in to sing the
whisperings of the empath, the caring
the grand old tree