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Monday, July 6, 2015

life is a short dream

the wind blows in sounds of fury, whirling
and squealing like steel wheels noisily
rolling o'er iron train track rails, filling all
sentient space and the cracking, rustling
sounds heard from the crying flora
that lay down folding under pressure

and it leaves a path of scorn and pain
where it has stepped upon while the ominous
sclerotic spine of dirty grey can be
seen now roaring away

and as i awake from my night’s dreams
and sit longingly wondering if when
i look outside the window near where i lay
will the view be one of a fallowed land
or will all be okay

i realize, then, that it was but a journey in
my sleep where my life was in display,
transformed into a torrent of a storm
as it, so quickly, has come and gone 
so i sit here, eyes peering right and left
left and right until once again the day
gives way to the night

*inspired by Polish Nobel Laureate Wislawa Szymborska's poem; Life While-You-Wait
   made reference by an acquaintance and fine author, Katherine Eliska Kimbriel