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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

el corazon no tiene color

el corazon duele cuando entienden casi nada
(the heart hurts when there’s little understanding)

the dark of night replaces the light of day
but never in a negative way
it arrives so that all can sleep and rest
to energize the play of the following day
black of night is enmeshed with color
white is devoid of it more of pallor

both coexist
one does not upend the other
white is in black and black has white
neither dominate nor does
one supersede the other

i see a twinkle in the eye of night
and the brightness in the light of day
both are filled with joy for it is spoken
by the wolf howling in the dusk
the owl hoot and cricket chirp of night
and then birds sing to awaken the sun
thanking the night for letting them sleep

night coexists with day so let us
both white and those of us of color
hold hands and show the universe
we are in sync with its synchrony