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Sunday, July 12, 2015

given it my best

laid my body at the end of day
tossed and turned could not rest
eyes closed they would not stay
the mind fussed about, still at play

an unusual darkness laid heavy on my soul
would not let me sleep, a heavy toll
my heart beat at a quicker pace
my breath waned, not, from the diurnal race

earlier in the day i had walked underneath
the clouds that made the sunlight grey
causing shadows of lilacs and lilies
look as if they were bending down to pray

and when the soft breeze blew by
gathered from the ocean and the sky
i felt the soul and spirit of life
cleansing me,  a moment free of strife

the days, now, seem to come and go so quickly
never enough time to mingle with the trees,
listen to the wind rustle its leaves or observe
the mountains shadows cast from moon beams
jiggling and dancing in the seas

i’m distracted by the staring eyes filled with
pain and angst from the hungry bellies
of humans cast aside, the forests burning
in the night, the earth no longer hides its anger 

and so when i lay my head to rest
i reflect upon my day accepting what
i can and cannot affect, only hope
to those i care for, those i love,
i've given nothing less than my best