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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


my consciousness, my heart, my soul, is being melded
much to my disdain, against my conscious freedom of choice
by the stench of violence being perpetrated upon each other

we are angry, we are hating, we are no longer giving
value to life, to caring, to mother earth

all around those with power to make change are doing it
with destruction in their minds, in their hearts

i cry and sadness avails my soul when i wish to be joyful
because my heart aches, because my being is bombarded
by the destructive actions of man upon man and so
my 'being' reacts to this, not of my choice

if i isolate myself, insulate from what is happening around me,
i may experience temporary contentment but then, in
introspection, i wonder if my worth as a living being is of value

for now, i shall listen to music, i shall hear the whispering wind
outside my window and i shall gather my pup in my arms
kiss my love of life on her cheek while she sleeps
and hold them tight for at least this night