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Thursday, June 4, 2015


the sun is crisp in all its yellow and warmth today
birds are playing in air wildly, joyfully
chipmunks are vociferously chirping with heraldry
a pileated woodpecker is knocking and knocking
anomalous black and purple iris’ petals on display

i sit outside with my aging boy, jules, on my lap gently
stroking his brow and with every stroke his paws curl
on occasion he lifts up and licks my cheek
he knows i love him and  that soon we both shall sleep
my girl, jaz, lies curled up at my feet

we sit here waiting for my wife to come back home
she’s been visiting her elderly parents in total care
too many miles away. i’m sure she will want to sit here
with us when she arrives and she will also need gentle strokes

i read today a friend of mine is lamenting a loss of a buddy
repeatedly he posts…death sucks, death sucks, it really sucks
then another post i read  is about this young lady relaying her
acceptance to the end of ‘sheloshim (Judaism)…first thirty
days of intense mourning’. lost her husband too young

life is about this moment; the here and now

a rabbi’s prayer: “don’t let me die while I’m still alive”


*for imaginary garden~includes the senses of vision, sound, touch and emotion