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Friday, May 29, 2015

alone but loved

alone i am
my morning spring has come and gone
have played in summer’s sunny days 
now the dusk of autumn fills my eyes
but yet still much to get done and say

soon winter’s night will come and cool my
hands and feet and i shall see my breath
leave my once hardy lungs and the warmth
of my body shall release my soul it will
wander on into the embrace of that spirit
where souls go home

if in my life’s sojourn i will have touched
even a shadow of someone’s soul
and left a heartfelt tear or smile of joy
then this memory of me shall be the spirit
of my ‘being’ carrying on

lament is not to be of being alone
for the universal spirit of the soul is ‘one’
it is the mundane incarnate shell that stands alone
not recognizing this or the bond of love
is a lonely heart song

love perpetuates mamasita in my heart
so too, for my canine kids but most cherished
is ‘she’ who has shared all the joy of my love
although alone i may be, never have I felt
unloved or lonely with her standing near me


*       dedicated to my partner and i celebrating our eighth wedding anniversary this Sunday

*       we have been partners, though, for twenty eight  years