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Thursday, May 21, 2015

let the music play

when it’s time to sleep and all your daytime reveries
have been gathered in that cavern of your mind
be calm be silent and let them run amok for that is
how they arrived and wish to be set free as dreams

the universes’ synthesis and constancy is chaos
in this flux it has lived much longer than us
and gathered such wonderment in its dissonance
for it knows so many more secrets than we do

when the wind blows it does so in swirls and straight lines
in all directions without seemingly in rhythm or sync
and when the leaves sway in its grasp they dance and jitter
without step as do the ripple and waves of the sea

and if we listen carefully to the trickle of raindrops and
know that no snowflake is the same we then recognize
that all is unique in its makeup from dusk to dawn
let the universe music play as it may for it is what makes
the night, the day
  • for poets united; midweek motif: happiness is accepting all life gives you and puting it in perspective