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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Life is precious

hate and prejudice have been on a wanton killing spree
a callousnessness of discontent comes and without
consideration a soul is eviscerated from its incarnate
being and so uncaring of the human emotional toll

where does the mind reside who cares little of
the lily, the daisy, the red begonia that it tramples
on or the innocence of life that is disemboweled
from a day of sun or nights starry sky

when a pain is so excruciating that it envelops the heart
it seems to feed a wanting to eliminate its surroundings
with non-discretionary imposing of torture without
regard for the anguish and pain it imparts upon other life

my mind, my heart, my soul does not comprehend
such mindless, soulless, heartless pronouncements or
actions that seem to be assailing the inherent nature
of being and the value of love in the world of today

i cry unselfishly for our children, for the forests,
for the oceans, for the free feather fliers, our terrestrial
friends needing to endure man’s carelessness
and so I hoot with the owl at night and squeal with the
whale and chirp with the dolphin, trumpet with elephants,
roar with the lions, whistle and tweet with the birds,
soar in awe with the eagle and howl with the wolf.