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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

this shadow is me

hope, a literary expression of a new beginning
like spring and freshness or morning sunlight
one is human the others natural
yet what links them is the emanation of newness
freshness, the mornings dawn of a new beginning

we notice the storm come in because its ominous
yet afterwards shadows are cast, they come not from
the sun or dance to a lively burning fire
but come from the tree, from the mountain, the edifice 
and our winged friends cast their shadow, their souls,
onto the ground as they soar overhead in joy


speaks to the notion that what energy of light,
freshness of spring or the dawn, like hope,
begins anew it radiates, emanates from within


have that in me

if pleasure be the height of all passion in human life
and love gives that pleasure like the sun gives light,
then let…*the sunlight grasp the earth and the
moon beams kiss the sea, for what is all this kissing’s
worth if thou kiss not me  

*Percy Bysshe Shelley