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Sunday, November 9, 2014

that moment

when the moment comes
if my heart aches and my mind no
longer wishes to entertain the pain
so great distracting from life and
my soul no longer feels the spirit
of verve in the smallest of things
then let it be by my own hand
that my pain shall be lifted
when colors no longer have their hue,
waters no longer quench my thirst,
the sounds of song in nature’s nest
are muffled and no longer move
my feet to dance then i shall wish
to lay down my body to sleep

but until then;
i shall keenly listen
to your voice, feel the gentle touch
of your hand in mine, hold you close
as we stroll along listening to the
sounds  and the song of the wind,
let the light enter my eyes from the day
and the moons light and glitter of night

i shall let my heart beat fast when i see
your face and the warmth of our embrace
i shall, until that moment comes, give of me
to you with all that i am and hope that
in my smile you will know that love
had entered into our special place