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Monday, October 20, 2014

northern wind

spring, when it arrives brings enlightenment,
refreshes my soul
but when Autumn ascends it envelops
my being with introspection

i see change before my eyes
where bright greens, reds and yellows
turn to browns, auburns and russets
the strong stout arms of trees
become brittle and their thistle, tassels and
leafy garb drop covering their rooted toes

the warm breath of summer
now bristles with cool in the mornings,
the days are powdered with grey
and the wind blows down
from the northern sky

this brings me to notice that time
now running quicker as dusk to dawn
seem to arrive closer and all else 
moves at a pace of languor  

i pause to cherish the change
yet the quibble within me is of the
notion that my wish of loving and
being loved is not slowed by the winds
of the north

and while i sit alone pondering
lifes’ moment, somewhere in the
distant not of place or time,
all of this will not have been
in vain