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Monday, October 13, 2014

a storm within

rain falls as a sheer curtain that
drops from grey clouds whose
forms are silhouetted barely discernible
in the dark of night as thunder crawls in a
rumble then a harrowing snap, crack,
then the whitest of light traverses
like a spiders web throughout the whole
expanse of the sky  and 
like a jagged spear, a shard
travels down touching the earth.
the oceans white caps on top of waves,
jumping, can be seen rolling onto the edge
of the black horizon

the sand is a cold wet between my toes
as i dig them under the top layer,
my arms wrap around my folded legs
gathered up against my chest.
i sit here pondering my fate amidst
an angry storm that hovers ominously
above my head and yet i fear not
its presence for in my mind a storm
of its own lingers as the synapses charge
even more actively than this world outside

this solitary summon is but a moments choice,
a reprieve from the strife, the pangs of life
that have enveloped my being, giving me
a posit, a channeling of queries. why so much
turmoil is pronounced amidst humankind while the
angry voice of Nature repossesses its home upon this
rock floating aimlessly through a universe whose
consciousness is niether known or understood
by a mutated gene form species called ‘man’?
a presence that has been nothing less than careless
whilst blaming an indeterminate force, a divinity,
as responsible for our creation and
for leaving us here to flounder