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Friday, September 19, 2014

let's walk together

we are together from afar
i see you but you don’t see me
we have not walked into each other’s breath

moments where i’d try to close our space
you’ve not been witness to my presence
our souls know each other. they are a part of
the whole of the universal spirit

we have walked amidst a common space
have drank from waters of the same lakes
brooks and streams my ears have listened
to songs of birds hoping you have too

if your eyes can see, theirs a cloud above
hovering over both of us and a grandiose mountain
tickling it with its pointed nose, it’s watched us
from where our journeys began and the path we’re on

if you have smelled the waft of lilacs and sassafras,
fresh morning grass and have noticed the rain’s cool
splash as you tilt your face up to the sky,
we have been in a common place

although you have not felt me in your presence
i am here with you walking through the day
and night, your pain is mine and so too your joy

i am a man of blood and bone with a heart
that wishes to share with you my inner most thoughts
share my vision of the world around us
and maybe we can walk along together
for the remaining days on this blue green orb