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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

calculus of my being

i sit before this tree staring at its large trunk
knowing of the many suns and moons it has seen
whose limbs expand as wide as the sky,
the many tumultuous winds it has survived
the lost fingered limbs having been regenerated

pondering on this feeling of discomfit of
where my place in the calculus of this i belong,
the days stimuli has led me here to sit
and think that the disarray of my being
can be calmed ~ohm~ release the me, become this tree

in this torpor , i shall find the quiet stillness,
will reap benefits of freshness and lucidity,
replace the mixed up feelings of many things much like
the contents of various drawers overturned on to the floor,
i know that the scarlet-colored sun will fill
the hollowness of my weary hours