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Thursday, October 2, 2014

embracing october

october, month for reflection
did I participate in life enough
give of myself sufficiently ?

i close my eyes
picture spring and summer's past
now, i welcome the rustic autumn
(mamasita’s favorite time of year)

lift into my arms 
my aging blind and deaf lap friend
whisper in his ear
gracias for giving me your love

we shall sit together
by the fireplace and when
you feel up to playing
i’ll carry you and place you on a pile
of raked leaves, you so love to play in

we will invite your sister
sit on the patio lounge chair or
on a blanket on the grass
watch the stars gather to applaud
our bonding love

your mother, my human love, will sit next to us
and we will hold you with a warm embrace,
kiss our way through the chill of night

then i will carry you slowly into the house
where the fire still crackles in the fireplace
and we will lay you both on our bed
next to us and thank the universal spirit
for one more day with you