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Sunday, September 14, 2014

seasons gentle kiss

trees have begun to shed their verdant attire
now in wrappings of a roan chemise
and the songs of my feather morning friends
have changed from a symphony choir
to a quartet in a decrescendo tune

i am gathering these days and weeks
with arms wide and stretched embrace

and squeezing what little is left into cupped hands
the hording of morning air, the sleepy flowers
of autumn and their reverie whisperings of
the passing warm summer’s day

 i welcome the template of nature’s change
not wishing it coming to soon
for my ankles, my knees, my fingers, my hands
they read too quickly the gray and the gloom
as do my hair and my skin, aging change, they display
the trees where once vibrant and gay
now grasp for the slight shards of sun
piercing the day
oh labyrinth of life show me the way
make gentle the callings of my day
for my legs no longer of equine strength
my arms writhed in slumber of age
and my sleepings and wakings,
what’s left , are now in display

make common my laughter
and softly the kiss of the day
and to those who love me
lift their spirits in a celebration
to when came the joining of our hearts
and make gentle to them, like this changing
of season,  as i ride away