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Saturday, June 14, 2014

love on father's day

ears that have never heard a father’s voice
arms that have never been lifted onto dads lap
never felt that strong embrace
and a heart who’s never felt a father’s love

we cry in obscure corners, in isolated dark spaces
wonder how it must be
to walk hand in hand with our idol
looking up to a face of security of strength

could I have been mentored
directed in a different loving path,
gone fishing, shared a hammock in the
back yard while reading together,
strolled in the park talking about a man’s journey

a dad could have corrected my misdirection,
maybe disciplining me but constructively
not with unforgetable punitive unrestraint or
a clenched fist and angry destructive voice
unleashed by a male figure known
only by cboice on a first name basis

happy father’s day to the responsible dads
he who drove his kids to school
who came home from a long days work
then lovingly lifted his child high up 
sharing that caring paternal smile

to those abandoned children who
didn’t know their 'dad' and
those that did yet never shared
a common space or caring momentts
now only left with a distrust of love:
love has no role, no gender,
it is not selective and is selfless.
stand in front of a mirror, smile at him,
smile at her, you are loved by the
face looking back at you

happy father’s day, mamasita