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Friday, February 7, 2014

do you see, do you hear

I walk amidst many others
yet, seemingly unseen, unnoticed
my steps are pronounced with intention
loud almost to a stomp
yet, seemingly, still unheard

seems that a song must have
the right melody, the right tune
before it’s audible to ears
that don’t hear anything
but their own steps,
their own rythm and beat

a tree stands still, a miracle,
yet many eyes walk by
without it being noticed
Its lovely buds and leaves
that breathe for us,
Its bark giving joy to many tiny climbers,
Its fingers so tall they probe the clouds and
a secure abode for our soaring friends

a child’s cry from a lonely dark space
left abandoned in refuse
the mother lays at its little feet
incarnate without a soul
many walk by without a care
what kind of world does this child
caked in dirty tears, see

how loud must I stomp
what kind of song and melody
will greet your ears with welcome
must the tree fall before noticed
how long must the child sit alone
before some ones arms lifts and
embraces it with human empathy