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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

cold winter's thought

My dreams, my tears, my love
will it all have been for naught
if the hope and faith of a deity
we’ve prayed to for so long,  
is not?

Could I have walked along
without caring or no one loving
me and all this would not matter?
and all the hate and destruction
will have been valued in the same?

What value does all the music and art
and poetry give to our lives?
why not stand still like the tree
or hang alone like the yellow
rock in the sky at night?

What do all these words matter
when you don’t care what they say
even if I tell you they come from
my heart?   

Death, is even temporary when
memory no longer serves us, if  this
blue green rock we walk upon soon
disappears into the black space,
for nothing will ever know we
were ever here