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Friday, January 10, 2014

bane in my eyes

I send you words so that you can
gather your thoughts and images
in the colors that are within you
not those within the spectrum
of my eyes or my soul

I could send you pictures of the
pretty things, the memories that
my heart captured and the fondness
within but they are mine  
so painting them with words
to share so that you can capture
them with your own eyes,
your colors and imaginings

the sunrise tickles the earth
with a spray of freshness
spewing sparkly things on
leaves of trees and shines a tinge
of pinkish red on happy asters and wheat
dancing about to the rhythm of the wind
a new day begins

roosters crow to wake the day
for the cows to moo, for the equine snorts
and the hound barks chasing varmints into
ground not to eat but to chase and play
and so the sunlight grasps the earth
to shake the wings of black birds and crows,
tickle the curious and keen eyes of
a perched red tail hawk

and to the wonderment of the human eye
a young lady steps out in a bucolic
setting, the sun rays capture the sensual form of
perky tender breasts and curves of hips
with shapely thighs and calves through a
shear white veil night wear and she leans her
head back and shakes to release the long dark wavy hair
as she grips the rustic wood rail and inhales the day's morning

from this vision, in my eyes and within my veins,
licentious brew runs through