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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy, New, Now!

I stand before a mirror that reflects
who I am today not yesterday
nor tomorrow but now
my body folds have become many
where once they were youthfully taught
There’s  wrinkles on my face, gray hair wildly
strewn throughout the otherwise black
strands sparsely left on my head and in my mustache,
and the scraggly growth invading my face, gray has
also found a less than desired space

Yesterday, Azur, passed into the destiny of
his next journey. I’ll miss his dark blue sheen
and majestically large gossamer fins
that would flair angelically through the water.
His vanity well displayed, whenever I would
walk by his glass enclosed kingdom. I'd call
out "azur azur" in a deep and soft voice
he would spiritedly flap his fin wings, fly
around his temporary sea and through
his underwater castle. On occasion
I think I would see him wink
and smile at me

The Gregorian calendar reminds us
the earth has made an orbit around
its designated Helio star. Other calendars
synchronized to lunar cycles, Spring equinox
or position of Venus. Most are convinced
this to be the designated time for a
‘new’ beginning but my calendar
begins every moment that I am cognizant
of my existence. When tomorrow comes,
if it does, I shall appreciate that moment
as the beginning of my new day with you

I say to you, my love ones now residing
in the beyond, save me a space where
I will come and take a place beside you
but until then I shall live here today
with a smile and with humble grace.
I shall love and hopefully it will be returned;
this being my new year’s resolution