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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

counting stars

tried to count the stars last night
    but there are so, so,so many
        and then I wondered if they are stars
            emitting their own light or are planets
                like our earth reflecting rays of nearby
                   suns, with oceans, rivers, mountains
                  trees, flora and fauna of sorts and
                life forms that whistle and chirp
             and scurry chasing each other
           and the kind that shed tears of sadness,
         love and like us romanticizing about
      the stars as they stare up at their sky
   do they pray, wish and hope in their 
      searchings for joy, then age, then die,
         and do they wonder whether there’s
             a place like a heaven or a hell, a nether
                for their souls, and
                 do they make music, sing songs,
               tell stories, write history books and poetry
             someday, will we meet and embrace and
           lie together on a river's bank looking out
        toward and into the dark night of space
      wondering if there are more like us
  amidst all the glitter of so, so, so many stars