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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


like a flower whose petals
desiccated by winter’s cold
is this the way you see me
now that I am old

you used to touch me tenderly
as if without your gentleness
I would break and shatter
In your hands  

you’d kiss my eyes my nose
run your fingers through my hair
you’d whisper such sweet words to me
kiss my lips till they turned red

now you walk by me
without your eyes meeting mine
you say the words ‘I love you’
without a feel of love inside

don’t you realize that
I am a perennial
if you water me and till
my soil my petals will
replenish fill with color

and when you next wish
to hold me to your face
smell my freshness, touch me
feel me, I will whisper what
my heart spoke once before…

                        ‘do not disdain portrayals of love
                        nor feign affection but receive
                        with open arms and heart
                        life’s every emanation
                        for loves they falter
                        and tend sometimes to
                        fade away when hearts are
                        scorned and cry from day to day
                        do not fold within like a
                        flower sleeping at the end of its season
                        but always leave a little
                        room to start again’