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Monday, October 21, 2013

"And they call it, puppy love"

sky changes hue from mornings
thru mid day to evening
the clouds they soar
some stratus fast some cottons slow

days go by, weeks and
months travel in packs
they bundle in years

change is constant, chaos its drink
yet through all this, love is the same
there’s blue, there’s grey, there’s red
and there's unconditional

when first I knew love
was from it’s absence
clouds covering the sun,
stars not appearing at night,
when she walked away

doc told me today
my little one is being taken away
by an insidious malady
his cuddles and warmth
soon to be replaced,
abounding my day, with tears

I used to push love away
not deserving of it
abandoned as a child
uncaring cold took its place
then one day love swallowed my heart

love is a curious spirit
sometimes I wish I’d never
known it so in its absence
the pain would not be so great

Oh well, if through my latter years
the changes and chaos of the universe
should leave room for me to witness love again
I’ll probably hold it, embrace it and hope
if its absence rears again
it will be when my eyes have, forever, closed