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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

alone, grey and cold

tiny spits of drizzle turned ice cool
sprinkling all around
the sky is grey
birds have laid their nests
some in thick brush
and in the bushes
throughout my yard
I can hear them chirping
rustling about in
their cove for winter rest
quiet abounds
a feel of abandonment
from life’s verve
people in their homes
afraid of the cold

this grey before the snow
I’m not fond of it
all seem to choose isolation
as if they’re distancing
as if they’ve all run off
to some place in the dark
I feel left alone
a childhood memory

I know that all
is born alone
all die alone
view a star in the sky
looking up at night
how wondrous the fullness
of winks and sparkles
yet stare at one and notice
the black that surrounds it
leaves it isolated and cold

we’re here
in the same nest
I like to hear rustling
talk to me
talk to someone left alone
an abandoned child, the elderly,
a dog
all, once had someone
love is love only when shared