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Friday, October 4, 2013

nebulous kiss

a morning mist paints
the long grass, the trees
with a sheath of translucent sheen
while a grey white veil breathes off
concrete streets and rooftops
dancing surreally like an ocean wave

unseen chirping sounds abound
through the mist with caws from
perching beaks somewhere yonder
in the trees

an eerie feeling comes o’er me
as if my soul has left my incarnate
shell floating hovering using the
grey veil as its attire
a nebulous feel of existence

these latter years I’ve gathered
thoughts and memories and with
introspection ascend to heights
that release the tethers that
once held my youth earthbound
hoarding of temporal objects
displaying my feign ways

this soul that hovers as once mine
now melded in the pervading
grey mist portraying the universal spirit
must avail itself to the true worth
and mystical value of Being
releasing worldly pleasures,
yet in balance, washing away
the pangs and pains

tell me

'...what is all this kissing’s worth...'