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Friday, September 27, 2013

Minion of a Sleepless Night

Minions of a sleepless night
float about shadowing
my every thought not
allowing them to rest
but chase them into
a frenzied state

My eye lids close
to block what ever
distracting light may
try to pierce the dark
that blankets the night
pulled gently taught
over me

I toss and turn like
a dog who tries to
find that comfort spot
after turning and turning
then scratching and propping
the surface with its front paws
where it will finally lie

Not until late early morning
did my mind and body
finally lay at rest
trying to consume
the final nocturne hours
before the croaks and chirps
give way to the whistling
of morning birds

Still I know that even
in my waking state
when intermittently reverie
taps me on my shoulder
there lurks the shadow minions
cloaked in sleepless attire
of disruption and unrest
with shards of frenzied thoughts