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Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Remember

I remember:

this large grandiose mountain
standing hovering over our little house
at the end of our dirt road
in Torreon, Coahuila Mexico

the adobe house with an open
roof in the middle courtyard of my abuelito’s
casa where mamasita and us kids stayed
after papa abandoned us

sleeping on a concrete floor, roofless courtyard,
in the middle of my grandparents house
grandma would keep her chickens, hens
and a couple of roosters

at night I’d lay looking up at the sky
admiring the twinkling stars
I could see the tip of this mountain
kissing the moon and tantalizing the stars

ten years pass, I’m laying in the back yard
now at Mamasitas house in Northern Indiana
looking up at the stars and noticing they’re
the same one’s I witnessed in Mexico
except two new ones, probably my abuelitos,
having joined to share the night sky’s opus

I Remember:

last night I laid out in my patio
looking up at this concert of twinkling
and noticed a star bristling brighter than
all the rest, I think it was mamasita winking at me

my love and I have no biologic children
so I wonder sometime in the future will
someone look up at the dazzling night sky
and notice my wife smiling and
me winking down at them?