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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Father's Day

In the wake of this celebration,
I toast to you who truly appreciate
the meaning of Father’s day

Not to change the course of history
but I shall celebrate once more
the figure that took its place
filling the role of loving parent

She did not show me how
to change a tire or oil
or catch a baseball in a glove
or build my muscles by picking
hundred pound weights
above my head

She taught me how to roll
the flour for tortillas and 
make aroz con pollo
she taught me that to sing
while cooking would make
the food taste better

How to wash dishes
and clean the house
how to iron my own
shirts and pants
to be thankful for what we have,
before I’d go to bed

I lost out on 'old school' traditions
of fathers showing sons what’s
underneath the hood  but 
in lieu, the time we'd share
loving single Mothers care

she fulfilled both roles
of parenting came to watch me
play my sports, with hugs
a plenty when I'd get hurt.
she instilled in me a great
appreciation, in the absence
of a father figure,
a true parents worth

Happy Father’s Day, Mother