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Monday, June 3, 2013

lilacs in the field

the heart shatters
wer’st you not
to stay

after so much
after so much

we ran through
lilacs in the field
while the wheat
being tilled
we dared to lay
there still

the red blood sky
appeared and we
laid there waiting
for its sun dressed kiln

didn’t have cares to worry
only sweat beads
from our brow
two clammy little hands
clenched together
we’d be friends forever

no one or anything
would part our hearts
much like Moses
with the Egyptians
and the seas

the calm and peace
we gathered in those moments
would tether us forever
even in this after life
where your token’s
now being spent

no one can separate
our two hearts
or send our souls
we lay there, still,
with the lilacs
in the field