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Thursday, November 8, 2012

See you tomorrow

I’m ascending to a place
where my eyes will see
the colors meant for them
where my soul will dance
with its kind
and my heart will render
up a common beat
to those I’ve witnessed
in my sleep
I lift my voice to cherub song
and my tears once rung from sadness
are now of joy

To those of you who’ve
been my stepping stones
have held my hand when needing it
have given me a walking stick
to climb the challenges before me
I shall sing your praise
and mention your names
so that when it comes time
for you to need a helping hand
to lift you up from the mire of sad
the anchors that weigh you down
in the mundane

There is joy in a common space
open the window and your eyes
breathe in that spirit
that gave you life
and the songs of the cherub
will fill your ears your heart
and raise you up
from the pain and sorrow
and I’ll meet you there