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Friday, November 9, 2012

Hear me, feel me

Where did I go wrong
Why do my words no longer
reside with you or your ears
no longer hear me sing to you
Do I no longer capture your
sensibilities your longing
when once there was a smile
when your eyes would meet mine
when once you soothed
that slender and subtle desire
with hidden lust for my touch

Once I could feel your eyes
watch me when I’d walk by
and I could hear your heart beat,
a whimper from a sigh and breath
that scampered rapidly to fill
your empty chest with the
warmth of our bodies scents
as we embraced even for the
slightest of reasons and nothing more

What can I do to capture you
once more if but for a moment
to once again hear my song
carry me in your wings of desire
into that forbidden place where
all around disappears and just you
and me reside in each other’s arms
and as we hug each other tight
the tears that once covered our cheeks
with the sadness of each others absence
once again glisten with joy
in each others presence