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Friday, June 22, 2012

Sedentary Eyes

Erstwhile the numbers have grown
in the days and years behind me
the keenness of my attention
to every moment and every
sunrise and sunset has been honed
by the wind and sand not unlike
the promontories on sea shores
having seen much while hailing the winds
and have been relentlessly accosted
by the ocean’s slappings from ebbs and flows

But seemingly stable standing on shore
sedimentary accrues being sedentary,
it has no choice. I, though,
do have a choice as I capture
visions that pull the threads
of my passions, tug the strings of my heart,
displaying the weakness of my conviction
to convention of social norms, traditions
and morals, whilst my eyes pleasure in
the diversity of beauty, I fear shutting
them for they may not open again