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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Circus Mirror

Lamenting, I recall on what I saw today
in the reflection of the stores glass display
t’was my aging deteriorating
now paunchy carcass that encases
my life’s unrequited heart in place
while it dances with it’s shadow, my soul

It saddened me and also scared me
how could this be me when my mind,
my thoughts still ride the young pony
amidst childhood fields of wind blown
grasses and daffodils, pretty ladies
in their summer dresses
for my still youthful eyes to behold

Not often do I see myself this way
through someone else’s eyes
I know my aches my pains
now halt my running with the deer
or chasing after wondrous butterflies
yet still I see myself through my wife’s
loving eyes and not the reflection
that I recall of what must have been
a circus mirror in the store’s display