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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Como un lobo

‘Como un lobo‘, I walk quietly
carefully, strolling so as not to disturb
life that seeks refuge from underneath
my every step

My ears are perked to be keen
for every sound that may
want to speak to me
sharing with me its own journey

In this sojourn I gather nuts
consume that which nature
provides just for sustenance
and go about my path

I stop in clearings
observe the path I’ve walked
and the journey before me
then I saunter on

Sometimes I go off road
but it matters not for whatever
path and steps I take
it is the path destined to me

From where I’ve been I’ve gathered
things that I like and those which I love,
many which I wish to keep, to hoard,
thinking they belong to me

Introspection, I recognize that when I started
on this path I had only what is 'me'
nothing less and nothing more
just my ears, my eyes, my heart

I howl at the moon, at the stars
for the light they’ve provided me
yet I lament for those things I’ve loved
but cannot take with me

I’ve now learned to walk at a slower pace
so that time does not rush me
and I take pleasure for that which
my eyes have seen, my ears have heard
my heart has shared, I howl