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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dia de Mamasita

The other day I read a heartfelt story
about a mother who’s struggle
rendered her to the pandering
of a society who diminishes
her gender let alone her ethnicity

She held her own through the days
of toil searching for sustenance
for herself and her children
and the tear filled nights
that the day had sustained
yet the fear of tomorrows comings

They took away her pride
they took away her beauty
that a young woman holds dear
but they could not take away
the love she had for her children

as she fought the haunting of aging
though sacrificing her time of her
heralded youth for the sake of her children
the tiny wrinkle webs in her face
began to harbor the days of yore
and her youthful days sent asunder

Her days were long
and her nights even longer
but throughout she can be proud
she will always be beautiful
in my eyes my heart
she will always be loved

Te amo, mi Mamasita