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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sound of Paper Lunch Bags

The many voices peacefully gather
utilizing a means provided, freedom
to assemble by the long talked about
understood rights and liberties
freedom to speak about parity, equity
hope, dreams and aspirations
promised by the authors of
our forefathers and those empowered
Used to watch these gatherings
on television that seemed to come from lands
far away which caused introspection
wondering how sad how unenviable

Today received a single paper slip, a notice
I can now watch more TV at home
‘temporarily’ not needed at work
soon my TV no longer works, either
Can’t afford to repair or a new one
My car is not running
no money for gasoline anyway
Unemployment check is used to feed
my children and warm the house
I now wave, sadly,in the am at my children
in the school bus that has replaced
our bonding ride to school,
miss my kids bantering, sounds of lunch bags
in the back seat of our car
Warm soup and bread for dinner
can’t afford paper for the resume
On the TV at the corner coffee shop
'...Wall Street companies make record profits'
'...Congress can’t tax these companies
they’re the job creators'
Why don’t they give me a job
If we tax these Wall Street companies
they might not donate to Congressmen
Oh, those are the 'created' jobs they’re talking about
Have to run home, soup on the stove,
school bus coming, hope I don’t get sick
no work insurance

Tomorrow I’ll walk down another block in town
I’ll find a job