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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wandering, my Heart

Today, right now, at this moment
I’m wandering in the wanderings
of my heart

The journeys I’ve never taken
the steps I’ve never walked
but those I’ve always
wanted to

Listening to the sultry vocals
and piano prowess of Diana Krall
how the wind swirls
around the hills in Rio
where Jesus with open arms
watches over it’s rivers
and valley’s and ocean side

My wanderings take me
into a reverie
of the warm moist touch
her hand in mine
feeling the pulse of our hearts
beating in rhyme

Into the arms of Mother’s bosom
where not often enough
did she hold me
before she wandered onto
Heaven’s path

The ghost like fingers of the Sun
reach through my window pane
gently touch the nape of my neck
waking me from my wanderings

Nature’s soft awakening reminds me
of how life still abounds
dressed in flora and fauna
awaiting my embrace and gathering
of my future wanderings

But for this moment
I’ve escaped the
tears and pangs of
my Life’s disdains