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Monday, October 4, 2010

Water and Life

The wisdom I gathered from water
when first mother playfully splashed me
with a spray from her finger tips
The kitchen sink as mother gently held me upright
Sitting in the bathtub filled up to my toddler thighs
A childhood memory of wading in a plastic pool in our back yard
Tiny brooks or streams I'd walk into only up to mid calves or knees
A river running rapid over rocks and fallen branches
my short exciting sojourn in a canoe through a wooded park
An ocean wave ebbs onto the beach of sand and rock
I run into it’s arms of high waves
I’ve learn to swim against the tide
recognizing the choice of not fighting the undercurrent
Now that I have swam so many rivers and lakes
and even challenged strong ocean currents
my strength has waned with the number of seasons past
once again I only wade knee high
but my weakened arms and legs still recall
that feeling of a cold stream or river
and how they would battle up stream against the rapids
and sometimes into those large ocean tides where they would
swim along side dolphins
A small amount of wisdom I've gathered
upon those river banks
the high tides and their ebb
Vision of the grand expanse of the oceans abode
It started from that sprinkled splash upon my face
from mother’s finger tips and loving grace
I learned of the wisdom of water
how to stroke up stream analogous to Life.