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Monday, October 11, 2010

Waking with a Smile

This morning I awaken with a smile
My night was restful with sleep
Dreams juxtaposed with memories and faces
Flying and super human performances
Embraces of love with those no longer
In my world even after I wake
Three years prior to this wonderful sleep
I couldn’t close my eyes to rest to sleep
for more than an hour as I attempted
to sleep in a sitting position.
Excruciating pain would travel from my hips
down to my knees and up to mid chest
Referred pain I guess it’s called
In this waking moment I celebrate prosthetics
and medicinal pain supplements
I am now able to carefully bend
to put my own socks on and tie my own shoes
I can bend to wash my ankles and even my legs.
I welcome being able to stand and talk to friends
in one spot for more than fifteen minutes
I’m able to walk my little miniature poodle
friends around one square block
No longer can I cross my legs while sitting
Caution is ever present when lifting and
most sadly when walking viewing a Winter scape
No longer can I chase the tennis ball, a game I loved
nor can I jog when once I used to run miles
But now I can play and cautiously chase my little friends
I roll in the grass with them
and able to stand up afterward on my own
I can sleep in a bed
I can dream of running and flying
I can sleep and dream, wonderful dreams