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Friday, October 15, 2010

Editors Frenzy

Standing amidst the grandiose and enormity of rock formation
looking up, up and still not able to see the very tip of the snow cap
atop this natural forming scape that stretches above and beyond
clouds pierced by the chard formation of the tip of this mountain
gives me a sense of how an insect feels when landing on my arm
or when I stand hovering over a tiny toad that sits very still
as I stroll the wild damp brush below my feet and now imagining
how it feels if it feels or what it thinks if it thinks when it fearfully
looks up at this enormous entity that moves and threatens it’s existence
if it’s even cognizant of it’s jeopardy, with the human sense of fear.

Hearing the roar of an ocean wave as it gathers afar, far beyond my visual scope
and it’s rumbling forming much larger deep underneath than above
running faster and faster toward the shore line where I stand barefoot
as tiny ripples flow in and out through my naked toes curled gripping the cool white sand.
I notice with virgin gasps the large promontory rock formations have taken character and shape from the millions of slaps of splashing ocean tides seemingly playful yet
mindful of competing space through the epochs of time

The black cold of a cloudless night sky allowing the crystalline sparkle
of hovering stars and moon floating seemingly resisting movement,
resisting falling to earth and always watching me watching them.
Night after night depending on the equinox determines what star formation
stands sentry over me whether it’s the three star belt of the buff Orion, the
tail dragging Dragon or the olla of Ursa Major and the chatter of the Seven Sisters

This exercise of observation with nonsensical imaginational interpretation allows me
escape from my ego my self and also the written run on sentences unconventional grammatical implementations is intended to incite the traditionalists the elitist into a frenzy of wanting to edit and apply correct annotations punctuations capitalizations maybe even syntax etc.

My intent is to show that spontaneity in putting thought into script writ has it’s merits in rawness pureness and an inherent nature of the founding means of written communication diminishing the nuances of linguistic misinterpretations in the web of language translations.