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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Comes the Northern Wind

The sun has moved further away
It’s fingers no longer touch the day
with sweltering heat
I now see the wind blow
as the leaves now a rusty color
fall fast at an angle
seeming to leave a trail from the tree
where they’ve been separated
There’s a chill in the evening
as the wind blows from the north
It gives pause to how much cracked open
the windows are left at night
The darkness when peering up at the moon
is now seemingly more black
Orion and Ursa Major seem to glitter
more brilliantly this time of year

Nature has changed from it’s verdant dress
to the seasonal russet, orange and yellow chemise
It kindles a visual aspect
and that dusk comes earlier
Sweaters and wool shirts
become a preferred choice of wear
reminding us that the northern winds
will soon take residence
The occasional translucent precipitation
will soon fall feather light
with those tiny patterns of white
that have been said
never duplicate in pattern

These annual seasonal changes
seem to turn quicker
the more of these I’m witness
When once I would look forward
to these changes with
the excitement of physical activities
Now I welcome these seasons
with but a pleasure to my eyes
as time has also caused me changes
where now I walk when once I ran.