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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Que Paso?

Have our two hearts morphed legs
Now walking away in separate ways
Our days are spent apart
and when they meet in evening hours now
seems the days distance is still present
no longer is there that once cherished embrace
The once always present desire to touch
has sadly been spurned and only memories reside
On occasion our voices of the heart
speak the words that are now rote
‘I love you’ yet the physical signs
that reflect these words
of warm hugs or the spontaneous
touch of lips seem lost by time
A cool ambiance now pervades
unlike those warm and lust filled vapors
that once filled the room
when we would look into each others
windows of the heart and a seductive smile
would introduce the next moment of
primal desire leading us to the warmth
of our feathered stuffed pillows
strewn throughout our mattress room
raging with distorted arms and legs
upon each others bodies pressed with sweat
and gasping breath wanting never to cease
and when it did, a quiet salient moment of
embrace feeling each others hearts beat
pressed against each others chest
What has caused these two hearts to walk away,
away from that once love filled space?

Que paso?