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Friday, January 22, 2010

Slowly, the Gray

If I ask the sun to hurry and shine upon the gray
that has now lasted for too long
time will go by faster,
Should I ask that of the day?

The dread of Monday comes
And we wish for it to pass
We look for Wednesday, ‘hump day’
Halfway through the week
Soon the Friday we yearn to greet.

When we do this, our weeks and months fly by so quickly
Soon our years pass and we regret it
We ask, ‘where did time go?’
In retrospect, that’s what we asked for.

I now enjoy the gray
Both in my hair line
And the day.
When the sun now arrives
and smiles upon the shadows
Made of clouds
I ask of ‘father time’
To be kind and 'Not' rush
The soaring clouds
And speed past the day.