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Monday, January 25, 2010

Time Bring Tears

I say, “I can’t wait”
But now as time has crept,
I no longer look forward.

Now I anticipate with enthusiasm
Yet disdain time past

I’ve polished my eyesight,
Honed my hearing,
More gentle is my touch,
Greater I can feel.

Saline drops fall from my eyes
Seemingly too fast they come
now days.

I seem to cry: when birds can’t fly
or dogs have but three legs;
when my Tetra floats
no longer swimming
their breath is lost,
their fins no longer moving.

I had heard and had read
that seeing sad things many times
would lessen feelings after long
but I have found that with time,
the heart, the mind
the eyes, the touch,
come closer to humankind.

Today, this moment,
I can hear my breath