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Monday, January 18, 2010

Awake, Alive

When my eyes open in the wake of morn
I now become part of the day,
Much like the birds at play,
Much like 'el sol’ and it’s dancing rays,
Much like the wind that incessantly swirls.
The sounds of children far away
and then the absence of sound,
the silence, resounding in my ears,
brings me back reminding me
that amongst all this in a timeless light:

“The endless things are these,
The ageless skies and wrinkled seas;
The silvery beacons of the night,
The fickle moon of transient light.
Unresting winds that seldom sleep;
Rocks that eternal silence keep.
Earth’s mighty sons, the mountains, stand
Unmindful of Time’s withering hand.
Indifferent to the world’s brief woes,
The sun, aloof, forever glows.
Though mortals yield to Death’s decrees,
God’s everlasting things are these.” (Beaudry)

‘this’ is all part of me.