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Monday, January 11, 2010



We used to walk together, some early mornings, sometimes evenings.
Without words being exchanged but an occasional glance at each other.
She’d sometimes would walk at a faster pace ahead of me
I think it was to test me and see if I would come to her.
When I would go pick her up for this stroll
She would always look so royal in her black and tan “couture”.
I could see her excitement in her dark Latina brown eyes
when I’d come by to pick her up.
We both knew our walks were only ours
in these alone shared moments.
Around our quiet neighborhood we would stroll,
stop to baptize only those special mailboxes.
We’d come to this centralized community park and rest.
I would lay my weary and deteriorating hips onto the grass
she would sit next to me.
Our heads would turn like owls on their perch, back and forth,
together in-sinc watching people or cars going by.
Then I would lay back on the grass looking up to the sky
She would do the same next to me.
With her four large Rotweiler paws pointing at the sky,
No shame of showing her teats,
Just enjoying the clouds hovering slowly by
while I’d name the figures that I’d see
Form among their cumulous attire.
I would point and call them out to her,
"..Hey ‘Nina’, don’t you think that one looks
Like you, but with angel wings?"
I would rub her belly as her tongue would hang out to one side.
Her panting and her eyes would show me the pleasure this all felt.
We bonded like this many times.
I’ll remember her this way.
Seems, now, not too long ago
her owner and her moved away.
They were now hiking the mountains
and observing God’s hand in another
portrayal of Nature’s array.
I’m happy for them.
He e-mailed me the other day
To tell me she passed away.
I went outside today and looked up at the sky.
With black and tan colored wings
I think I saw her soar by.
Nina, my friend, enjoy, soar, I miss you.